SHAQ 2nd BIGHOUSE | Room & Price
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Room & Price

Room introduction

SHAQ 2nd BIGHOUSE has a living room with a kitchen, 3 shower rooms, 3 sinks and a backyard. And the second floor is accommodation rooms.

Room Type


  • 2 people private room Japanese style

    1 Room 7200yen

    1 parson 3600 yen
  • 4 people female dormitory ①

    Female only

    1 person 2500〜3500 yen
  • 4 people female dormitory ②

    Female only

    1 person 2500〜3500 yen
  • 12 people mix dormitory

    male/ female mix dormitory

    1 person 2000〜3000 yen



Shower, toilet, sinks, kitchen and living room are shared and available 24 hours. Because there are some people off, please be quiet after 10 o’clock. Smoking is prohibited in rooms and common areas. Please use the designated smoking space of the backyard of the first floor.